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Easy Quilt from the DIY Dish

January 4th, 2012 | Posted by Emma in Quilting

I love Kim & Kris at the DIY Dish! They are fun to watch and have great ideas…if you haven’t seen their show yet, you should check it out. Here’s the episode that inspired my brother’s Christmas present (don’t tell him that I made it in a day!!)

I’m going to try a new plugin to show you photos, so see below…click the first image to view them all as a nice gallery.

I love the quick results, but this was also just a really fun project. The first part was just choosing a Kona solid and a variety of small coordinates from which I cut  3.5″ squares. I marked a grid on the Kona with a chalk pencil. With my large table, I was able to do this almost all at once. Then I sandwiched the marked top with batting and the same solid backing, using basting spray. Then the most fun, I arranged the small squares within the grid and stuck them in place with a little glue stick. Brennan helped! He applied glue, I stuck down a square, I lifted the next one, he applied glue, I stuck down a square…

Quilting was pretty quick too, and very satisfying to see it come together so fast. I quilted a grid 1/4″ in from each edge of the squares all the way down the rows and across the columns. Bind it, wash it, done. It frayed in the wash and crinkled up like a vintage quilt and it will probably get even more raggy with use, but it’s really soft and wonderful that way. I think it suits my brother real well.

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